Tips for buying the KN95 reusable masks for more safety


The entire is facing a nightmare in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything has taken a complete turn, starting from our daily lifestyle to the industries and the work sector. Once people used to love the outdoors and spend time roaming freely on the streets, they are now afraid and scared to even put a step outside the house. Public gatherings have become like a dream for many individuals who love to be in a crowd. Shopping malls, theatres, amusement parks, tourist sites, and even the tall office buildings are empty or sparsely populated.

Under such scenarios, people are seeking safety from sanitizers, hand washes, and face masks. There is no medicine for preventing the infection, at least not till WHO approves a vaccine. Yes, because time won’t stop and you cannot pause in your lifestyle, you have to take precautions while going out. Fortunately, the N95 reusable masks have provided safety to many individuals, starting from frontline health workers to regular people all across the world.

However, when you walk into a shop and plan to buy the mask, you face many hurdles. First, you do not test the fitting of the cover. Second, you do not check the quality of the filtrating layers, and so on. Since it is mandatory to use the genuine mask for preventing the infection and keeping yourself and others safe, we will discuss here the things to consider before buying the disposable face cover masks in the USA.

  • Check whether there is any difficulty with the breathing or not

First, consult with your healthcare advisor and ensure that using the KN95 masks wouldn’t cause you breathing problems. Next, while buying the mask, try on and recheck whether you are facing any breathing difficulty or not.

  • Check the valve if present on the mask

When you buy KN95 masks online, there are chances that the respirator valve wouldn’t work. This is why you need to check on the valve and cut off the moisture deposition on the inside.

  • Do not forget to check the stamp inside the mask

In the USA, all the masks are approved by the FDA. There will be a government approval stamp on the inside of the masks, which makes them genuine. Brands like PPE face covers sell only those masks which are approved by the government.

  • Try the reusable mask before you buy

For checking the fit, put the mask on and check whether the ear straps are perfect for your head. The mask shouldn’t sit too tight or too loose on your face.


Not everybody cares about looking into these facts while buying the N95 reusable masks. However, if you want to be on the safe side, do follow the points mentioned in the article.