KN95 Disposable Masks (1000 pack) Head/Neck Strap

$3,000.00 $2,250.00

This KN95 is one of only a few on the market with a head and neck strap requested by medical professionals. With it’s high NIOSH Tested ratings of 99.68 Maximum Filtration¬† and 97.83 minimum filtration, this is one of the most sought after KN95 masks. structure: non-woven filter pad, breathable, windproof, sweat-absorption, comfortable and skin-friendly. Brings you a safe breathing experience.
Size: 9 * 12 cm / 3.54 * 4.72 inches, high compatibility, close fit, easy to insert or replace.
Wide Application: Mask filter can prevent airborne particles, dust, seasonal allergies,second-hand smoke.


(Box of 1000)This high-quality disposable masks has a NIOSH Testing of 99.68 Maximum Filtration  and 97.83 minimum filtration.  HEAD and NECK strap high-efficiency filtration to protect and filter most viruses

  • The first layer: breathable waterproof layer to block the respiratory droplets of corona virus.
  • The second layer: anti-static melt-blown cloth filter layer to filter fine particles and breathe healthy air.
  • The third layer: skin-friendly layer, soft and comfortable touch fits the skin without irritating the skin.


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