Everything to know about KN95 reusable masks

The entire world is now facing an unpredictable situation. With every new day, the number of coronavirus cases is increasing drastically all around the world. With no treatment or vaccine, WHO and other medical councils have declared a state of emergency. According to them, the only to stay safe is to practice preventive measures, be in the form of home quarantine, or use face masks as a shield. This is why so many companies have engaged themselves in making proper face masks for everyone- ordinary people and frontline workers.

Out of the many forms of face shields, one of the most effective and preferred ones are the KN95 reusable masks. It was designed in China and almost acted as a respirator. These are not the usual surgical make you will see on doctors and other health workers.

The KN95 masks are quite different, both in function and structure. This is why today, we will be discussing the fundamental details about this particular form of Covid 19 prevention. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

What constitutes KN95 masks?

Most of the KN95 face masks in Hudson, Ohio are prepared with extra care and precaution. To make it most efficient, five layers of protective coverings are used to design the mask. These are:

  • The outermost and innermost nonwoven fiber layer
  • Hot air cotton layer
  • Meltblown filter layer

Is it effective in stopping coronavirus? 

The presence of these protective layers makes the face masks in Hudson, Ohio efficient and safe for preventing coronavirus exposure. The mask almost acts as a respirator, preventing any particle’s passage from having more than the three-millimeter diameter. This is why it is recommended by WHO and global medical professionals for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 further.

The mask’s covering is made from a hydrophobic material, which doesn’t allow the deposition of water vapor on the surface. The designs have been remodeled for a better fit.

How long can one mask be used?

These disposable face cover masks in the USA have been recommended for a single time use only. However, from the beginning, there was a shortage of the mask everywhere. This is why CDC and WHO declared that under proper circumstances, the masks could be reused by the same individual only. This is the reason why all the KN95 masks from ppefacdcivers.com are reusable.

What are the features of genuine KN95 masks?

Briefly, here are the few features of the KN95 masks that you must know:

  1. Acts as a respirator
  2. Should have a NIOSH mark
  3. Contains an air regulator on one side
  4. Can have ear loops or neck and head loops as a support system
  5. Cannot be sterilized


When you want to buy KN95 masks online, you need to know at least the basics of this element. We hope this article will give you a clear idea of what the mask is and its effects.