Tips for buying the KN95 reusable masks for more safety

  The entire is facing a nightmare in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything has taken a complete turn, starting from our daily lifestyle to the industries and the work sector. Once people used to love the outdoors and spend time roaming freely on the streets, they are now afraid and scared to even […]

Everything to know about KN95 reusable masks

The entire world is now facing an unpredictable situation. With every new day, the number of coronavirus cases is increasing drastically all around the world. With no treatment or vaccine, WHO and other medical councils have declared a state of emergency. According to them, the only to stay safe is to practice preventive measures, be […]

Important Reason For Wearing Face Mask in USA

As we all know, the staggering development in the cases of COVID 19 brought horrible results across the world. Due to this, health experts make it compulsory for people to wear masks to protect themselves from coronavirus. According to researchers, surgical face masks are a powerful tool that can help to control the spread of […]

Face Masks Should Have 3 Layers Of Fabric

Fabric mask or non-medical mask can be used by the general public in areas where there are many people infected with COVID-19 in the community, and physical distancing of at least one metre cannot be achieved, says Dr Baller in WHO’s IGTV. A wide variety of masks are available in stores, and you can also […]